What is the Living Wage Law in the United States?

Living wage laws have been enacted and enforced in many cities across the United States. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, for example, employers who receive a business license or city registration must comply with the mandatory living wage ordinance and post a notice of compliance in a visible place, in both English and Spanish.

Living Wage Laws

and Initiatives can be implemented without causing significant negative impacts on employment or business growth. The Living Wage Act does not apply to employees who are 17 years old or younger during the duration of the contract, or to an employee who works less than 13 consecutive weeks during the term of a contract subject to the Living Wage Act. Additionally, if the application of the Living Wage Act to a particular contract is in conflict with applicable federal law, then the Living Wage Act does not apply to that particular contract.

Certain state agencies are exempt from state hiring laws and are therefore also exempt from living wage laws. In its offer or proposal, an employer may commit to providing health insurance and reduce the living wage by no more than 50 cents from the hourly cost of the employer's contribution to the employee's deferred compensation plan.

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